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Fine jewelry in saltwater

Fine jewelry in saltwater

I’ve found a lot of advice online that you ought to do this, but what i’m not finding is a sense of exactly how damaging it is to expose fine jewelry to chlorine/saltwater for example, i do not have sufficient information to decide whether the risk i’d be taking is more important than the pleasure and convenience(And importance, which i cherish)Of just keeping the ring on my finger.

The ring in real question for you is 18k solid gold with a bezel set natural gemstone that’s medium hard(7 around the Mohs scale).Displayed 24/7, a wedding ring.

Maybe i’m enirely fallacious, but i think most people take off superb before such activities to prevent losing it.Metal rings are specifically not something you’d want to wear in a hot tub as metal expands when it gets hot and could easily slip off the finger.

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I am involved yourself and my ring is set with a pearl, so i take it off whenever i do anything that may potentially damage it, water or cold.While, i have been cheating by wearing my wedding band, and that is essentially just an 18k 3mm flat band.I wear that everywhere and never remove it from.

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Which i take all jewelry off.I live on maui it is amazing how much jewelry divers find!I realize its a bad idea to keep it on.

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(Those are good thoughts too i’m thinking really about the damage to the stone and gold, each of which may be dulled in different ways by chlorine and saltwater. )

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I take mine off so i would not lose it.That’s a reasonable cost i’m carrying around on my hand, no way i’m utilizing the risk.I either wear a small box to put my rings in or i just leave them at home on those days.But then i’m not terribly hung up on the meaning, i’m just as married leaving that ring at home as i is if i lost it, except rogues case isn’t temporary.

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Honestly the damage aspect never even struck me.Regardless of condition my wedding ring is in if i’ve lost it.

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It’s my job to left pearls and all jewelry with stones at home when i was engaged in any sports.I never took off my plain gold strap.With pebbles in rings, there is also risk of a loose mounting or damage to settings causing loss of a stone or of the ring slipping off your finger accidentally within water.

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One of my diamond stud earrings is somewhere at the bottom of a lake because i didn’t think about taking them out before water skiing.Hard driving driving session.

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With me, rings slip off unpredictably easily with water.

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I wear two diamond rings 24 7 one’s got channel set stones in 14k platnium, and one’s got pave set gemrocks in 14k rose gold, so neither’s as soft/pure as your ring’s alloy and did so for a coupla decades now.Neither is suffering particularly the diamonds are still who is fit, all display, your gold’s still shiny. (Actually, o.K, the yellow gold’s in dire will need a buffing, but when i look at the throughout the ring, it’s glossy, so not dissolving or from. )

I chose to have the rings just for long term wearing, towards the i lose things, and if i have to take rings on and off i will surely forget them somewhere or knock them down a floor drain or something.So we created the rings not to snag, not to liberate the stones, and complement snugly.Diamonds are actually pretty tough, and the gold doesn’t seem to be affected by pools, the seaside, or no matter which other oxidizers i throw at it.

Some stones of similar firmness to yours(For instance natural amethyst and topaz)Can lose their enhance or change colors in chlorinated water or seawater.Partly combined with that, i don’t wear my other superb except for special occasions.

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Fwiw, Pandora Bracelets Canada jezebel recently ran a pretty gross story about what can happen when you don’t remove your superb for a long enough time.

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I wear jewelry in water or not dependent jewelry.Plain silver or gold chains and rings are no issue unless they’re loose enough that i fear losing them.Pearls are a definite no go in any wet situation, and they are soft enough that i wouldn’t sleep in them.I wore a pendant with a citrine butterfly nonstop for some time, and eventhough it was okay i think the stones got a little dull after a time.They may just have been dirty, for the other hand.Skin oils and junk will collect in the settings merchant clean them out very often.