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Navel bellybutton nurturing

She sms’d me today saying”How should you feel if i came home with my belly pierced,

I’m not certain why i’m uneasy about this.I am seeking to infection, getting snagged on things possibly tearing her skin and perhaps scarring.When i shared with her that, she asked how it was different to her nose piercing. (I in addition have a pierced nose, and do since i was her age. )

It’s also unlikely numerous will ever see it, as she is quite a conventional dresser.She is popular and terribly cute(A friend best detailed her as”Dainty”), But she rarely has simple legs arms, And NEVER reveals her midriff in public places, So it’s not like she’ll be out and about with her belly out far and wide.

The place she asked at today said that at 16 she doesn’t have parental permission(We’re in victoria, australia and she has a job so has the fiscal means. )If she does get it done i will assure it’s done somewhere reputable, she gets higher jewellery and follows after care.

That being said, as i continue my journey of coming to terms with the fact my precious little baby keeps growing up and making decisions that i have less less say in, please share with us your anecdata of poking holes in your belly button before i become totally irrational and start quoting why chinese medicine acupuncture thinks it’s a terrible idea.

I’m considering about short term issues, not forgetting long term(Motherhood post staying pregnant issues, aging saggy belly when arrested, before 90, laparoscopy issues if she would be wise to ever need one, for example)

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As you stated, she actually is good about post piercing care, so i wouldn’t be terribly aware of possible health effects.In saying that though, is there a point?I’m a guy but belly button piercings are trashy looking and very 90’s.

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I had produced my belly pierced many moons ago.It healed up incredibly(I was at the beach morning)And don’t got infected.I actually found it much lower maintenance then my nose piercing.I only got it caught on something once the dangle percentage of the ring got caught in a belt, but no harm done and i never wore that technique belt again.

I took it out when i involved 7 months pregnant(Though you can replace it Milagrofilms with fishing line it is possible to keep it).The resultant scar is practically invisible and my belly looks likewise as it did before the piercing ever happened.

I did have friends whose belly piercings were more unmanageable, but my own life receive was just fine.In point of fact, i’m curious about getting it repierced(I often wear saris for formal events but a belly ring looks fab with a sari).

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Ask her what her wishes are.Concern?Sex bait?Cool ingredient?Does she want to call in order to her”Dainty”Midriff?If that is, why should you?This is a good time to discuss body image.Regardless of whether she doesn’t expose her belly quite frequently it’s obviously for others to see, may be fine, perhaps.

Only my estimation but i think navel piercings are so over, panache wise.Simillar to boob jobs they’re so passe.I’m primarily against piercing but a nose piercing is kinda cool in my eyes, but a waist piercing?Nothing innovative there.

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Elroy:I told ro to ought to see this she laughed said”Which funny”And stormed away.

It’s not too long since i was a young girl, and unquestionably, creepy old men you are turned on by most jobs and the best thing is to ignore.

Appreciate you trying, founded

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I got one done any was 16.It will not hurt, but i was prone to problems.Didn’t tell my mum i was working, and merely hid it from her.In addition to she’d figured it out anyway but didn’t Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada say anything.I don’t think she’ll have trouble with snagging, unless she’s into being seen darning on high waisted tight jeans.You might tell her she may be restricted in her choice of clothing desire to convince her not to do it.I never had an issue with snagging.I completely eradicated it after about 5 years because it did get sometimes infected and i was over it.But nevertheless, i am prone to condition, and my ear piercings get unhygienic often, and i have no idea wear earrings anymore.I have a blocked up piercing hole on my navel for memories.No other conditions, apart from an extra crevice for belly lint to gain access to.

Buddy also got one at 16, never had a trouble.She got a tongue piercing too with out issues.I think certain men and women are just prone to infections.Btw i got mine done properly at business place.

I can’t help you with pregnancy issues the fact is, but i suppose once she gets over the fun of it all, a little hole over the belly button is nothing whenever, have said, a tattoo design.