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With the Broncos off this weekend, Broncos front office bosses John Elway and Brian Xanders are in Waco, Texas scouting the Baylor Oklahoma game.

Yes, each team has a projected first round quarterback in Oklahoma Landry Jones and Baylor Robert Griffin III, providing he gives up his final year of eligibility. Unfortunately, the game on ABC regional TV and ABC has decided our region is USC Oregon.

With 1:38 left in the second quarter, Baylor leads 17 10. Jones is an impressive 16 of 23 for 202 yards while Griffin is 8 of 13 for 197 yards, including a 69 yard touchdown pass.

Remember, if the season ended today, the Broncos would be picking 15th or 16th. wholesale jerseys from china Both Jones and Griffin III could be gone by then. That one.

Two, there are several NFL prospects playing in this game, including Baylor receiver Kendall Wright, Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis, who may be the Sooners best player, defensive end/linebacker Ronnell Lewis and cornerback Jamell Fleming.

And three, there was Elway tweet posted at 5:27 today, or about a half hour before the Baylor Oklahoma kickoff: doing a great job leading our offense, coming through when we need him the most. He a winner who gets better every day. adding Griffin as Tebow backup next year would make sense. Griffin is an athlete who could run the read option spread that Tebow is currently running. And Griffin and Jones are also considered NFL caliber passers.

There is a great deal of talent to take in for Bronco management, but that is just the icing on the cake. The cake is RGIII (in my opinion). Let not fool ourselves to think any differently. Elway is still looking at QB to draft (which is perhaps the main reason he is even there with Xanders). Landry is the other option, but I doubt he would even be available for Denver (and surely they realize this too).

I believe in Tebow and he is my man but RGIII looks like an amazing duel threat. He could be a viable addition at QB for the Broncos. The only reason I can see this being a good possibility is as a backup to Tebow. RGIII would be a good fit if Denver sticks to this offense and with Tebow at QB (otherwise they should probably look elsewhere altogether). Your going to need a backup QB (with similar or capably similar skills to Tebow) who can step in if he were to get hurt. Might be a smart decision even without being an intended threat to Tebow.

Personally, I don think they should draft a QB at all but if they were, RGIII looks like a good one to me.

Wait until Tebow has some big guys to throw to! His passing will only get BETTER and that will make him a much more effective QB in the NFL!

Remember: Tebow had the second highest PASSER RATING in the NCAA during his Heisman Trophy winning season. He threw for more than 3300 yards which was 200 more than Sam Bradford! Only Bradford passer rating was marginally higher.

Tebow CAN pass. Without a corp of big receivers, Manning, Brady, Luck and Rogers wouldn even be effective ESPECIALLY during their first 16 games.

I have faith in Tebow. Not only does he have skill that he somehow turns on at the right moment but he truly INSPIRES his team by his insatiable desire to win (and improve after they win).

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. However, I am following Denver right now because of Tebow, they are my favorite team in the AFC. I hope that pull off more upsets and make it to the playoffs this year and confound all of the naysayers.

If you want to discuss the things Tebow needs, my opinion is as follows:

Tim needs a big TE, a very fast (world speed) premium WR, and a world speed RB. Surround him with big and fast people. Furthermore, he needs to be able to run the ball himself and be given that privilege throughout the game he thrives off adrenaline and the runs get him and everyone else pumped up. He is better when he runs not just because of running, but because of the adrenaline it gives him. Finally, he needs to be in a quick, two minute type, spread with read option mixed offense (with very few or none under center).

In lieu of any of the above needs for Tebow at least give him some other playmakers, he really is the only healthy one on the team offense right now (not to say others are not talented, but I talking people who can make plays like Tebow).

People need to understand that it doesn matter much anymore what he did in college because this is the NFL and the NFL very different than college football. Those stats only show what landed him a gig in the NFL, but it does nothing to secure him a spot on any NFL team.

Tebow is probably the most polarized QB I ever seen play the game, hands down! On one hand, you want to strangle him when he has Decker wide open and misses him by 5 10 yards. Then he turns around and runs for a big first down and somehow makes up for those missed passes. But he has a big TE (Fells) to throw to right now and he over or under throws him more than he hits him. Which tells me that he has a long way to go before anyone can count on him as being their main man for years to come. Tebow has to get better at passing the ball if he plans on having a long career in this league.

lol Tebow gets no respect. They openly looking for his replacement every weekend. Everyone saw it when Teebs won the game, Elway looked grim and did the sarcastic slow clap. In fact every time Elway is on camera watching Tebow play he looks unimpressed and borderline angry. He clearly can stand Tebow, regardless of what he tweets.

RG3 just had a fantastic performance where he outplayed the vastly overrated Landry Jones. I can see RG3 going high in the draft. Too many QB needy teams. Depends on where the Broncos are picking, I suppose

Draft RGIII and send Tebow packing. If Tebow continues to play well, trade him after the season. If not, keep him as the starter for next season while RGIII learns. Until Tebow can show he can throw, there no trusting him. Jets). His one start against a good offense (Detroit) ended badly for Tebow and the Broncos. You have to score in this league, and the occasional fantastic finish by the exciting Tebow doesn cut it. Anyone who has watched RGIII the last few years not just the Oklahoma game yesterday and is unbiased knows RGIII has a hundred times the talent of Tebow. The Broncos may have a hard time moving up that far in the draft to get RGIII, but it worth a try.