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With over 5,000 years of history China can certainly impress. As for those who decide to study Chinese in China, much is to be experienced and seen. Each city within this great nation has its own history, language, and sometimes even culture. Here is a list of some of the more remarkable of the bunch. Granted, this list only names a few of the great cities China claims hold to.

Beijing is not only the capital of the country today, but also served as the capital during the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Due to its continual importance, Beijing has developed into a cultural Mecca representing China over numerous dynasties.wholesale nfl jerseys from china The world famous Forbidden City, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Ming Tombs, the People’s Heroes Monument, the North Sea, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the China Man are just of the things enjoyed once visiting the city. Tourism here has exploded, and for good reason.

Hangzhou all study Chinese in China students are aware of the nickname given to Hangzhou. It is referred to as the cradle of China civilization in Yangtze River. Human beings appeared in Hangzhou Plain as early as 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. Hangzhou today has become a world famous tourist city, and is one of the seven ancient historical cities left in China. The area is famously depicted for its natural beauty; even Marco Polo nicknamed the area “the most beautiful place in the world.”

Xian like Beijing, Xian also once served as the country’s capital. Original named Chang an, it held on to be the country’s most important city for over 11 dynasties. Needless to say, the city has a lot to offer study Chinese in China students. There are a large number of well known historical sites such as the Han Chang’an, Daming Palace ruins in Tang,E Panggong in Qin, the Wild Goose Pagoda, Ming tower, drum tower, the Forest of Steles and so on. Not to mention the Terracotta Warriors.

Suzhou city is amassed with heritage locations, over 480. If fact it ranks third just behind Beijing and Xian for historical sites. Since its establishment the city has been popular with prosperous handicraft business in the south of the Yangtze River. It saves a lot of well known ancient gardens focusing the best garden art of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Nanjing is another ancient city of China with over 2470 years. The world may know Nanjing by the atrocities committed here in WWII by Japanese troops. Today that history is remembered at the National Palace Museum. Other than being a fabulous thriving city of its own right, Nanjing also is a tourist wonderland famous for its Ming tombs, Stone town, and Confucius Temple.

Chengdu is a city noted for its first: It was the first city to eat “the dumpling”, and it was the first city to open up a Chinese government run school. The city is also famous for the “world miracle”, otherwise known as the Dujiangyan water conservancy project that has been here for over 2000 years effectively and enduringly.

7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies and TV Shows

Most of us don’t look twice at movie posters, short of muttering under our breath and saying, “Oh fuck, they’re doing a sequel/remaking/rebooting that shit?” So it’s easy to miss some of the awesome things artists are hiding in the posters, presumably for the hell of it.

For example, check out the poster for the fourth Indiana Jones movie:

Well ain’t that something? Over a year before the movie actually came out, the film’s marketing group must have been trying to secretly warn us not to see it because it’s a fucking Indiana Jones movie with goddamn aliens in it.

And while the Cloverfield marketing blitz was full of secret codes, alternate reality games and strange, unwashed people combing every frame of every trailer, it still took people over a year after the movie’s release to notice that there’s apparently a very well hidden image of the Monster in the poster.

If you look at the smoke in the lower right, you can kind of see half of a face. Stick a mirror image of the poster next to it and it becomes clearer you can see it in the middle:

Either it’s the film’s monster, or it’s the devil or some shit.

But neither of those compare to the poster for The Silence of the Lambs. You remember the Death’s Head moths that are only in like 10 minutes of the movie but are all over the posters?

Sure, they really do have little skull looking markings on their back, and that is totally bitchin’. But they’re not as detailed as the one in the poster. Why is that? Stylistic choice, maybe? Why don’t we take a closer look?

That’s not a skull at all. It’s seven nude women arranged to look like a skull. It’s actually a very, very tiny version of a famous photograph of Salvador Dali taken by Phillippe Halsman.

Dali can make anything creepy.

The poster for the indie horror film The Descent used the same photo as its inspiration. And now you’ll never look at Jodie Foster’s mouth the same way again. Whether it’s David Fincher setting up a Facebook account for Tyler Durden in The Social Network, or Peter Jackson having his Sumatran rat monkey from Braindead pop up in King Kong, directors love to give little nods to prior films.

Jackson’s special effects budgets have gone up a bit since Braindead.

But leave it to Pixar to take this idea and turn it on its head. Besides the fact that Pixar movies in general are just one big incestuous turducken of in jokes, they also like to feature characters from movies that haven’t even been made yet. http://www.cheapjerseysgty4.top Sure, you may have already noticed that Flik says, “Toinfinity and beyond!” in the blooper reel for Bug’s Life, or that the Pizza Planet truck appears in pretty much every Pixar movie .

Above: The world’s most dedicated delivery boy?but did you also spot Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles (2004) in Finding Nemo (2003), or Dug the dog from Up (2009) in Ratatouille (2007)? From what we can gather, these future references only started showing up from Monsters, Inc. onwards, but if you keep your eyes peeled, and you’re a very special kind of nerd, you’ll find them. Here’s Nemo from Finding Nemo (2003) making a few early cameos in Monsters, Inc. (2001).and it seems the Mr. Incredible comic book came out before The Incredibles did .and before he had eyes, Doc Hudson from Cars (2006) enjoyed chilling while superheroes fought robots .and as Remy the rat is running around in Ratatouille, it’s Dug the dog from Up who scares him off.

Not to mention the fact that Lotso from Toy Story 3 (2010) had his own cameo in Up .or the new character of Finn McMissile from Cars 2 (to be released in 2011) was featured on Andy’s wall in Toy Story 3 .

Pixar is currently working on a prequel to Monsters, Inc., which is going to be set in a university, and is imaginatively titled Monsters University. You see him for a few seconds at a time as characters watch his movies in the background: