” Written and recorded by Nash as title track for his 1972 album

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Handbags Replica (CBC Doc Zone)Thousands of young Canadians are in Karam’s position, struggling to find work in their fields, biding their time in other jobs, and referring to their university degrees as expensive pieces of paper. ET on CBC Doc Zone.Filmmakers Sharon Bartlett and Maria LeRose probe whether young people looking for work today are worse off than previous generations, touching on topics like unemployment, underemployment, unpaid internships, contract work and how much of it is becoming the new normal.The unemployment rate for young Canadians is roughly 15 per cent double that Replica Bags of the general population. Those who go to go on to college and university are graduating with an average debt of $27,000.Many more are witnessing stable, long term and full time careers giving way to contract work, part time jobs and one off projects. Handbags Replica

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